7 Top VPNS with dedicated IPs

Top 7 VPNs with Dedicated IPs

Virtual private networks have come a long way since they were initially introduced as a tool for secure interconnectivity of office branches and encrypted remote access. Today, VPN proxies are used by consumers to secure their devices when connecting to public wifi networks, bypass geolocks on overseas content, and avoid government firewalls and censorship. For…

Top 10 customer data platforms

Top 10 Customer Data Platforms

There’s no shortage of TLAs in the ad tech world and it seems a new one is coined every day. One of the latest trends in digital marketing is the CDP – Customer Data Platform. Promising a competitive edge in the ability to engage, surprise and delight the customer and increase operational effectiveness Customer data…

Top 5 Most Secure VPNs

Top 5 Most Secure VPNs for 2019

Most people neglect to research the privacy features and reliability of the VPN service they choose, assuming the proxied connection and spoofed IP are secure enough. Sure, you might be able to get the job done with a free or even cheap VPN proxy service, but as the users of Hola discovered, there can be hidden costs. Costs a serious business simply cannot afford, like the ones where data leaks irreparable harm the business’ reputation.

How to choose between Socks 5 and VPN?

Testing an ad campaign or a mobile application across multiple locales is nearly impossible without the correct tools. Sure, you can call up a friend at a specific location and ask them to share their screen. But that only works if you have a lot of friends everywhere, tons of free time on your hands,…