Pangeo for Platforms

Enjoy new, valuable business opportunities by gaining access to customers in new geo-markets and tracking competitors in different regions. By providing access to this information, Pangeo literally opens up the world for platforms, while also allowing them to test geo-targeted content and ads quickly and easily.

Professional Proxy Environment

Get a complete, zero-setup proxy solution with all the tools and features you need, including a browser extension, IOS & Android mobile apps, a Fiddler add-on and Tag Lab tool.

Shorter Delivery Paths

Track broken and bad links, detect non-compliant redirects, and improve the quality of your content and ads, by viewing the full delivery path and continuously verifying that all click URLs are live.

Huge Mobile Carrier Network

Get access to the largest, most reliable network of real SIM cards physically located all over the world, across over 90 carriers.

Affiliate Link Test API

Check campaign health at scale with simple API integration and avoid lost revenue resulting from broken links and dead campaigns.

Simple Sub-User Management

Easily manage hundreds of sub-users through a simple UI, monitor bandwidth usage and receive alerts for allowance abuse.

Never blocked IPs

Easily and immediately change IPs if the one in use is inaccurate, flagged or blocked due to testing exposure or misuse.