Pangeo for e-commerce

Test geo-targeted content and ads, verify that landing pages are live and avoid sending traffic to broken links. Pangeo provides all the geo-testing tools and features required to thoroughly QA and validate campaigns, while also researching the market to improve localization strategies, uncover new marketing leads and increase ROI.

Professional Proxy Environment

Get a complete, zero-setup proxy solution with all the tools and features you need, including a browser extension, IOS & Android mobile apps and Tag Validator tool.

URL testing

Track broken and bad links, detect non-compliant redirects, and improve the quality of your content and ads, by viewing the full delivery path and continuously verifying that all click URLs are live.

Simple Affiliate Link Monitoring

Render and test HTML pages before they are launched, and compare results from various geolocations and devices.

Large, Fast & Reliable Network

Get access to the largest, most reliable network of data center mobile and residential IP from all over the world.

See What Everyone Else is Doing

See what other affiliate networks are advertising in over 260 geolocations and more than 70 mobile carriers.

Tailored Plans

Customize your proxy plan and change the number of users, locations and bandwidth to create a plan that’s right for you.