Pangeo for Ad Tech

Easily test and validate geo-targeted content and ads in over 150 locations worldwide, while also conducting market research that uncovers new marketing leads and increases ROI. Pangeo allows you to do all this and so much more, through the only safe and secure proxy environment that would never expose or resell your data.

Professional Proxy Environment

Get a complete, zero-setup proxy solution with all the tools and features you need, including a browser extension, IOS & Android mobile apps, a Fiddler add-on and Tag Lab tool.

Improved Ad-Op Processes

Get clear and simple ad specs, instead of wasting time performing manual ad reviews.

Enhanced Security and Protection

Protect users’ privacy and ensure their data and actions will never be exposed or shared, with Pangeo’s advanced encryption technology and protected servers.

GDPR Compliance

Enjoy the confidence of knowing that we are committed to your rights and privacy, and therefore enforce full General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) compliance.

Simple Sub-User Management

Easily manage hundreds of sub-users through a simple UI, monitor bandwidth usage and receive alerts for allowance abuse.

Large, Fast & Reliable Network

Rely on the most dependable service that employs a redundancy mechanism ensuring 99.9% network uptime across more than 260 locations worldwide.